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Web Development

SportsMentality, based outside Boston, MA, is surrounded by world-class sports teams. Formed in 2011 by athletes and software developers, our mission is to build the worlds best sports related websites. Our first platform, TheBoxHQ has been created to be the best membership management solution for CrossFit affiliates worldwide. We will continue to provide both outstanding service and unbeatable technology solutions with everything we do.

Big Data Analysis

Everyone's heard of the movie MoneyBall by now. It's known that statistics about past performances can help make both an athlete and an organization better performing. Want to understand who has the best statistical advantage at winning the CrossFit Games? Want to understand how a trade on your Football team could affect your overall performance? Let us work with you and your team to pull out every bit of useful information out of your data.

Work With Us!

We're always interested in hearing from folks with the Sports Mentality. Are you an athlete, a coach, a league organizer, a business owner or a sports fan? If so, leave us a note on how we can work together!

SportsMentality, Inc

Our mission is to build the worlds best sports related websites